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relatively easy to knit asymmetrical triangle shawl to show off a collection of beautifully colored yarns

This is part of the Coloring Book collection (this plus two other standard patterns and the Color by Number pattern set).

  • any gauge in any weight yarn
  • slip-stitch colorwork
  • as many contrasting partial skeins as you want
  • weaving in the ends is a step written into the pattern, as you knit
  • piece grows more quickly the longer you knit

You'll Need
  • your choice of yarn in any weight, one main color (MC) and any number of contrasting colors (CCs)
  • needles sized to match your yarn — either a circular 24 inches / 60 cm or longer, or long straights

Worked in any weight yarn, with a simple construction for the asymmetrical triangle shape, this relatively easy to knit piece is a great way to showcase a collection of different colored yarns. Pick one main color and as many contrasting partial skeins as you want, to make the dots in this slip-stitch colorwork shawl.

No need to fear hours of finishing work when you see all those colors used, as weaving in the ends is a step actually written into the pattern itself, as you knit!

A fun thing about this piece is how the rows start at their longest, and get shorter as you go, so the piece grows more quickly the longer you knit, making it feel like a speedy project as you get near the end.

Choose a solid or semi-solid color for your background (MC) yarn, something that the contrasting colors pop out against. For the dot colors (CCs), use as many as you want, and they can be solids or variegated, anything you want to use!
Neutral shades are a good choice for the MC, but you can use something bright for a different, bolder look — you could even mix things up by flipping your colors and using a bright shade for the MC, and several different neutrals for your CCs.

Sizes small{medium, large} approximate measurements are as follows.
  • Short side edge (cast-on edge): 18{24, 30} inches / 46{61, 76} cm.
  • Long side edge: 38{49, 56} inches / 97{124, 142} cm.
  • Top edge: 42{53, 65} inches / 107{135, 165} cm.
These given sizes are just kind of guidelines; you can make any size you like. Your size is determined by your cast-on edge measurement, which is the short edge of the triangle.
You will get a PDF (4MB) file

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