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convertible wrap cardigan / skirt with pockets, custom sized in any gauge

This is part of the Full Body Trio: each individual pattern is $6 or the set of all three is $12.

  • sleeves get laced or drawstring-ed closed through eyelet holes to become skirt pockets
  • use any weight yarn for a custom-sized garment
  • project requires math (simple with a calculator) to find your custom numbers
  • modular construction — body is one piece, sleeves are added last directly onto live stitches
  • braided cables run down centers of sleeves/pockets, and around bottom edging
  • drapey, airy cardigan is good for warmer days
  • see-through skirt can be layered over another skirt/petticoat, or worn over leggings in cooler weather
  • both items close with buttons on the inside and outside, wrapping to fit your body
  • cardigan can be cinched tighter with optional ribbons tied in back

Lopes is a short sleeved wrap cardigan AND a skirt with pockets, made in any yarn weight, custom sized to your body.

This dual-function knitted garment is a flaring wrap cardigan with short sleeves that can be turned inside out and closed off to become pockets, when you refasten it around your waist and wear it as a wraparound skirt!

A drapey, loose gauge fabric and a drop-stitch pattern make Lopes very airy — a lightweight cardigan for spring and summer nights, or a sheer skirt which could be worn as a beach coverup, layered over another light-weight skirt or petticoat, or over opaque leggings or thick tights in cooler weather.

It’s written for any gauge, sized to your measurements; choose a thin yarn for an extra lightweight item, or a thicker yarn (up to around worsted) in drapey fibers for a slightly heavier piece.

The pockets are indeed fully functional! Well, depending on how big you choose to make them. The bottoms get laced (or drawstring-ed) closed through eyelet holes around the sleeve edges, to close up the pockets.

Here’s a video showing how it works, and some different ways to wear it.

This project requires some math before you start knitting — all basic adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing (very easy with your calculator app). To customize the pattern for your yarn and body, you will make a gauge swatch, and take a few measurements on yourself; then you’ll fill out a worksheet to find all the numbers to plug into the pattern, making it sized just for you, in whatever yarn and gauge you want to use.

The pattern includes a detailed schematic, a diagram showing how to measure yourself, some process photos, photo tutorials for the crochet provisional cast-on and short rows, and notes/photos on how to wear it different ways.

Any gauge will work, but fingering to DK (or light worsted) weight is recommended, knit loosely, using needles a few sizes larger than you normally would, or larger than the recommended size on the yarn label.
You will get a PDF (4MB) file





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