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Hush Zine Issue 1: Crying is Awesome

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This is an audio collection of essays, recorded thoughts, and musings. There is also an edited transcript booklet of all of the recordings (plus some extra notes and art) included as a PDF and Epub if you prefer reading over listening.

Track Titles:

  1. Introduction (What is this project?)
  2. Soft Spoken (#introvertproblems)
  3. Self Indulgent Creativity (The awesomeness of creating just for yourself)
  4. Authentic Success (Success beyond numbers)
  5. Crying is Awesome (Yes.)
  6. Tranquility and Pleasure (On prioritizing wellbeing)
  7. The End (Wrap up!)

Feel like giving this listen? You can stream this audio zine for free from Bandcamp (clicking on the links next to the tracks will take you there!). You can also purchase tracks individually instead of the whole zine at Bandcamp.

Why am I calling this an "audio zine"? Because just like a print zine, this is a handmade collection of personal thoughts and observations that I felt like sharing.

Also as a blogger, I have so many ideas I want to share that it is impossible for my hands to keep up with writing them. So I really enjoyed creating this, especially as another outlet for getting some of those ideas out there into the world.

Included in the zip file:

  • 7 mp3 files
  • 1 PDF Transcript booklet
  • 1 Epub Transcript booklet

You will get a ZIP (40MB) file

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