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Collaborative Case Conceptualization (vCON)

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Collaborative Case Conceptualization

CBT Clinical Demonstration with Christine A. Padesky, PhD. Full Color MP4 video. Run Time 59 minutes.

Includes use of a split screen. Allows the viewer to see the therapist-client interaction up close.

Christine Padesky in one session, illustrates collaboration with a client to develop a case conceptualization that includes significant: developmental history, core beliefs, rules, behavioral strategies, positive benefits and negative consequences.

Also includes identification of new beliefs and rules to support behavior change.

Our therapist viewers comment how much they can identify with this client's issue of taking on too much work. They appreciate seeing how much can be accomplished in a single session.

Time Codes
(use these time codes to quickly locate the sections)
00:00 - Permissions & Use Advisement
00:54 - Presenting Issues
11:33 - Cultural Context
20:33 - Beliefs, Rules & Strategies
27:39 - Summary, Benefits & Costs
31:41 - Goals
37:12 - Written Conceptualization
41:38 - Conceptualization & Goals
51:09 - New Rules to Reach Goals
54:50 - Summary & Feedback
58:12 - End Credits

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© Copyright 1997 Christine A. Padesky, PhD / All rights reserved.
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