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Guided Discovery Using Socratic Dialogue (vSOQ)

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Guided Discovery Using Socratic Dialogue

CBT Clinical Demonstration with Christine A. Padesky, PhD.
Full Color MP4 video. Run Time 45 minutes.
Includes close-up shots of client and therapist notes.

Socratic dialogue is one of the most widely used forms of Guided Discovery in CBT.

Learn how to guide the client's discovery instead of trying to change the client's mind.

Padesky demonstrates the four stages of Socratic dialogue with three clients, each experiencing a different mood. Her use of the Socratic process helps them uncover cognitions characteristic of each mood state and re-evaluate key automatic thoughts.

Four Stages of Socratic Dialogue
Stage 1: informational questions
Stage 2: empathic listening
Stage 3: summaries
Stage 4: analytic / synthesizing question

Learning these four stages helps therapists use Socratic dialogue more effectively.

Padesky demonstrates this process with three different clients and moods:
- Depressed "Sharon"
- Anxious "Jean"
- Angry "Carl"

Time Codes
(use these time codes to quickly locate the sections)
00:00 - Intro to Socratic Dialogue
02:40 - Four Stages
04:18 - DEPRESSED "Sharon"
17:07 - Collaborative Empiricism
17:54 - ANXIOUS "Jean"
31:40 - Advantages Guided Discovery
34:41 - ANGRY "Carl"
43:58 - Summary

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