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Get started with hydrosols: An introduction for everyone

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Hydrosols are gradually becoming more known -and used- in the aromatherapy world. This guidebook is just what you need to have the confidence to enjoy using them, and there are so many ways!

This 30+ page guidebook explains:

🌿 You'll discover what EXACTLY hydrosols are, and what they are NOT

🌿 Differences between hydrosols and essential oils

🌿 Tips on what to look for when purchasing your hydrosol

🌿 How to store your hydrosols

🌿 My personal experiences in distilling hydrosols over the last decade

🌿 PH directory of 31 hydrosols

🌿 Profiles for 9 individual hydrosols and ways you can use them (applications)

🌿 Data tracker page for your hydrosols (blank, for you to use)

🌿 Culinary ways to use edible hydrosols

🌿 Ways to use hydrosols in your household

🌿 Ways to use hydrosols for hair care

🌿 Ways to use hydrosols for first aid

🌿 Ways to use hydrosols for skin care

🌿 Ways to use hydrosols for aromatic sprays

🌿 There is also a quiz page!....

🌿 Resources for you to check out (not sponsored, and no affiliate links!)


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I recommend printing out your guidebook in color if possible, and using a heavier paper for the cover.

This product is copyright by Deanna Russell 2023

Please purchase a copy for each person using the guidebook. If you need a group rate, please reach out to me and we can arrange something.

You will get a PDF (1MB) file