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Secrets have been finding their way into Roxy’s mind since she was six years old. She doesn’t know how they get there, but she thrives on them. Without a healthy supply of secrets she grows weak with hunger for more.

But as she consumes more and greater secrets, Roxy soon discovers other people reacting srangely to her. 

After all, if you are what you eat, what happens when you’ve been living on a steady diet of secrets for over twenty years? And what drastic actions might you take to undo the damage?

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I started collecting secrets when I was six years old. Or at least that’s when I first noticed I was doing so. I’m not sure how I collected them, they just sort of floated into me. Of course, at that age, I could only take in silly secrets like that of Billy Papino who still wet the bed and of Tisha Babbins who ate her boogers when no one was looking.

I wasn't told these secrets. I'm pretty sure I wasn’t, anyway. I just knew them. And at that age I didn't know my collection wasn’t meant to be shared with others. Think about it. When you were six, if a funny idea popped into your head, you probably just blurted it out hoping to make people laugh. That's what I did one day in kindergarten. Only I didn't say, "Billy wets his SpiderMan sheets," or, "Tisha once spread her boogers on a goldfish cracker." 

No, what popped into my head that day, when our teacher Ms. Cattan bent over to help me draw out my alphabet, was too funny to my six-year-old brain not to repeat.

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