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Broken Toy (Suncoast Society 7)

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Broken Toy (Suncoast Society 7)

Some wounds never heal.

Gabriella "Gabe" Villalobos survived a lonely, abusive childhood to become a dedicated cop who rescues children. Work is her life. Which is why when she slugs a suspect, her boss orders her to take a vacation she doesn’t want. When she stumbles into a Suncoast Society munch, she doesn’t expect to meet a guy who makes her want more.

Detective William "Bill" Thomas is a widower who’s decided to fish in the BDSM dating pond after years of failed attempts. When he meets "Ella” he suspects she’s hiding a secret but doesn’t know exactly what.

Being assigned to the same joint task force forces Gabe and Bill to admit their true identities and confront their feelings. Bill wants to show her what love and happiness feel like. Can he break through her tough shell and convince her she’s anything but a broken toy?

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