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Tiny sustainable goals workbook

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We have complex health issues, so how do we get started chipping away at these? 

With tiny, sustainable habits! 

How do we decide and track these changes? With the My Tiny, Sustainable Goals Log. 

This PDF workbook contains two Tiny Sustainable Goals Logs that you can print double-sided, as many times as you like for personal use to support you in your health improvement work. Though you are not limited to health related goals - pick a goal, write up some tiny steps toward that goal and work towards them. 

This workbook includes guidelines for how to use the log to get the most out of it. It also includes a filled example so you can get a sense of how you can use it.

Because this only makes a difference in your life if you do the work!

The goals will be yours - you set achievable goals and then conquer them each week for four weeks and see the difference it makes. I give you some ideas in the instructions page.  

Why is this available as $1.99+? 

It takes a lot of time, energy (spoons) and work to create these resources - including the 300+ blog posts on Melissa vs Fibromyalgia. Your contribution helps me to keep sharing this vital support to our community. Your contribution helps me to pay the costs involved in running the blog, my professional development so that I can keep sharing what I learn (especially the yoga and meditation) and contributes in a small way toward my family. Thank you for your support. 

Melissa Reynolds is a mama, fibro fighter, author and coach whose mission is to help you reduce the time it takes to improve your wellbeing (hers took several years and she lost the entirety of her 20s first). 

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Copyright © 2022 by Melissa Reynolds - Print these as many times as you like for personal use only.
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