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A Lovely Shade of Ouch (Suncoast Society 11)

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A Lovely Shade of Ouch (Suncoast Society 11)

Can Abbey learn to trust Gilo, or will her heart—and trust—shatter once more?

Abbey Rockland’s life goes from bad to worse when she learns she needs back surgery the same day her long-term boyfriend dumps her, making her homeless. She can barely walk, much less move to a new place. Her friends express their concerns when she accepts Gilo’s offer to let her and her beloved pet tortoise, George, move in with him.

John Gilomen admits focusing on Abbey is a way to avoid dealing with crushing grief over his best friend’s death. His unrepentant SAM act at the BDSM club isn’t the real him, just a way to blow off stress. He’s always held feelings for Abbey, and he won’t screw up his chance to finally show her.

But when life-threatening complications arise and John steps in to take charge, Abbey has to decide what’s more important—what everyone else thinks, or what her heart tells her about the man whose Dominant side only she has seen.


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