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Reconsider Me (Suncoast Society 59)

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Reconsider Me (Suncoast Society 59)

[MM, BDSM/power exchange, contemporary romantic suspense, smol and tall, twink side sub, grumpy for sunshine, HEA]

Sure, underestimate him. That’ll be fun.

A bad experience in college left Fenton with one hard limit he’ll never budge on, the same one that’s tanked every relationship he’s had and resulted in his trust being repeatedly shattered. When he meets Joel courtesy of matchmaking friends, he senses something different in the Top and wonders if he’s the real deal. Especially when Joel receives the Snoobug seal of approval from Fen’s young niece.

Joel’s first impression of the fricking adorable side is that Fen will break if Joel so much as looks at him wrong, so how’s he supposed to spank him? Fen’s limit isn’t an issue, because the Sephora-loving, Broadway-musical-singing, essential-oil-diffusing subby slid right past all of Joel’s emotional defenses like none before.

Looks are deceiving—Fen is much tougher than people assume. But when tragedy hits and Joel’s past returns to strike where he’s most vulnerable, can Fen step up, swing hard, and let his cast-iron will save the day?

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