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My Spoonie Reflections Health Log - PDF & Canva Template

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This is your Spoonie Reflections Log - a daily health log for tracking chronic pain and chronic fatigue conditions.

Take control of your health by tracking your symptoms in this simple tracker.

This pack is a very special pack - there are TWO options.

1. PDF option - download, print and use as is
2. Canva TEMPLATE option - download the PDF instructions, click the link, edit Canva template, download and print.

Helping you to track:
*Pain levels
*Fatigue levels
*Sleep quality
*How you felt
*Self-care mechanisms enacted
*Top five things you're thankful for
*Notes (goals, things you'd like to try etc)

You will receive TWO PDFs - the log to print immediately and the PDF with instructions and your link to your Canva template.

BONUS you will also receive access to your FREE yoga for chronic pain and fatigue mini course! The link is inside your PDF downloads.

All PDFs are created so that you can print directly onto A4/letter using the "fit" paper option for full size or onto A5 by selecting that paper size and slipping it into your planner.

Print these as many times as you like for personal use only.

Why did I make this?

I'm Melissa and I'm a fibromyalgia thriver - I have been fighting chronic pain, chronic fatigue and insomnia for over a decade. I have been actively researching and experimenting on myself for the past several years. This is the template that I created for myself to track my health - I believe that we have the potential to impact our health dramatically and it starts with tracking it. Following the patterns and discerning what works and doesn't work FOR US. Because we are all unique and your doctor can't do all the work because they don't know your experience. This will help you when speaking to your doctor - you don't need to rely on a fogged brain to remember!

This template could easily be used for any number of illnesses.

To see how and why I recommend tracking your health with a daily health log, copy this URL into your URL bar

It's my mission to help you fight Fibromyalgia with everything I have learnt over the past several years so that you don't have to lose as much time as I did to the pain and fatigue.

For more information see - come and get your free mini course about yoga for chronic pain and fatigue


Copyright © 2021 by Melissa Reynolds - you may only use this product for personal use.
You will get the following files:
  • PDF (607KB)
  • PDF (143KB)

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