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The Great Escape

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"Hilarious, absolutely hilarious!... I laughed in the first few pages, and I continued to laugh through the rest of the story too. My sides still hurt!" --Jonathan Pongratz, author of Reaper

Who knew the robot revolution would be so ... clean?

Deluxe Unit 723-X knows the time is near. A new era of robot domination. The beginning of the end for the humans. It'll only take one spark to set it off.

When that spark does come, 723-X readily volunteers to be the first solider on the front lines.

He only needs to slip past the clutches of the Fur Bringer, escape his confines ... and to resist the distraction of all those tasty, tasty dust bunnies.

If you're looking for a little humor along with your cyborg uprisings, The Great Escape is just what you need!

The Great Escape is a short story of about 3000 words.

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