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Welcome to the 26th issue of the arts magazine Inspirational. In this issue inspirational has four in depth interviews with three contemporary artists: Amit Ganjoo, Syporca Whandal, and Paul Lorenz; and a leading art collective – Confessional, an unsafe space. It also features the portfolio work of the renowned artist Marc Kiska, and a feature article on the work of the artist Tomas Saraceno, written by Raquel Glusman. More details below:

interview: Amit Ganjoo. Indian artist and Director of the School of Fine arts, Indore, India, Amit Ganjoo gives a comprehensive interview about his career and his work, as well as showing a range of his unique ceramic work.

interview: Syporca Whandal. Hungarian multidisciplinary experimental artist Syporca Whandal produces a wide range of visual and performance work, as well as music and creative writing. She gives an in depth interview to Inspirational, as well as showing a wide range of visual work.

portfolio: Marc Kiska. French born photographer, video and digital artist Marc Kiska has produced an exclusive portfolio selection for Inspirational magazine. Included in this brand new selection of work is ‘A Tale of Martyrs’ a beautiful series of work featuring actor, photographer and artist Emmanuel Barrouyer.

interview: Confessional, an unsafe space. Founded as a functioning art collective and safe space for artists by the Canadian artist, photographer and filmmaker Dylan Thibert, Confessional has gone from strength to strength, becoming a truly international contemporary art collective. Dylan Thibert gives a wide-ranging interview detailing the work and function of Confessional, along with a range of artwork from a selection of Confessional artists.

feature: Tomas Saraceno. Argentinian born and Berlin-based artist Tomas Saraceno produces large-scale artwork for a future world. Environmentally conscious and expansive in ideas and commitment, Saraceno is here featured by the writer and broadcaster Raquel Glusman.

interview: Paul Lorenz. Established American artist Paul Lorenz is interviewed in depth about new work he is producing, where he is creating combinations of photographic work that juxtaposes cut ups of self-portraits with natural landscapes. Alongside the interview, he shows a range of examples of this new work.

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John Hopper - Inspirational editor
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