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Fantastic Fables of Foster Flat Book 1 Audiobook

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Venture into Foster Flat...and the mind of O.J. Bradford

Tucked away in a quiet corner of North Carolina lies the township of Foster Flat. By every appearance, it’s an ordinary place to lead one’s life, and the humble environs strike most as boring—quite a prodigious misjudgment.

The population shares a mutual disapproval of new guests, and the reason for this will soon become clear, thanks to Mimi Rawlins, one resident who’s willing to indulge outsiders. For the whole of its history, Foster Flat has been home to staggering secrets and freakish phenomena. Are these ‘events’ the stuff of folklore? Overactive minds? Or more? You’re free to draw your own conclusions...should you dare to enter.

In the beguiling spirit of Ray Bradbury’s novels and ‘The Twilight Zone’ series, this supernatural assortment stands as a testament to the fable’s lasting power. Enlightening, frightening and funny in turn, it’s magical realism at its best—a paranormal vehicle bound for musings of love and morality.

For readers’ reflection, within await the following eight adventures:

• Ellenore Finds Her Muse
• 7th Avenue Buddha
• Elliot Savant
• The Diagnostician
• Charm House
• Babble
• The Gazebo
• Birthing Grapefruit

Moving in may not be wise, but visit once, and Foster Flat will surely stay with you...
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