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FreeForm: New Earth

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They who pose the greatest risk possess our only hope...

Earth's denizens are largely unaware that a new species walks amongst them. In the wake of a laboratory accident--one that may have sealed man's fate--those called 'the Kindred' were born. Each possessing singular powers, immature but menacing, the siblings share a human father...and alien DNA.

It's yet to be seen whether these children wish to side with humanity or help facilitate the invasion coded in their genetic instructions, but one thing is frightfully clear: should they fall into sinister hands, the world won't stand a chance.

As known to fewer still, this end-game scenario has already begun to play out, as several of the Kindred have been captured by a tyrannous sheik, and, unless something is done, it's only a matter of time before the rest are hunted down. James and Pat will coordinate a rescue team like none ever seen, but, once inside the belly of the beast, all bets are off...

Deftly splicing story arcs while building tension ever-higher, sci-fi maven Bradford proves the sky is not the limit with a mesmerizing climax to the six-part FreeForm Series.

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(Previously published asĀ Seeds of a New Earth.)
The FreeForm series includes:
  • FreeForm: Crash (a prequel)
  • FreeForm: Beginnings
  • FreeForm: Reborn
  • FreeForm: Resumed
  • FreeForm: New Birth
  • FreeForm: New Power
  • FreeForm: New Earth

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