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FreeForm Ebook Boxset - The First 6 books of the series

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An unseen invasion: the ultimate threat…

When a mysterious spacecraft is uncovered in the North Carolina mountains, agent Pat Vogt’s life begins to look increasingly alien. Betrayed by her own government, she’s forced to unravel a conspiracy that holds implications for existence on Earth...and beyond.

In book 2: A new physique. An old façade...

In light of what she’s seen, former ufologist Pat Vogt is reluctant to conceal the nature of Allan Pritchard’s seeming nephew. TJ isn’t as he appears, and the boy’s history could mean a bleak future for mankind. 

In book 3: The only solution to humanity’s plight is itself part of the problem—and it’s not even human

Despite appearances, TJ—now Private First Class Todd John Jacobs—has little in common with his fellow rangers. After all, there’s a world of difference between blending in and fitting in.

In book 4: Conception could breed destruction...

Flip MacDougal has always spelled trouble, but his tricks are all in good fun, and a few ruffled feathers are no cause for concern. After all, it’s not as if the pranks of a playboy could endanger the entire human race...right?

In book 5: These offspring may lead to man’s fall...

Mothered by multiple mothers and fathered by one, ‘The Kindred’ aren’t merely ‘half-siblings’. In fact, owing to alien genetics, the children could scarcely share more. Their bond is strong, their powers stunning. The question is: whose side are they on?

In book 6: They who pose the greatest risk possess our only hope...

As it remains, Earth’s denizens are largely unaware that a new species walks amongst them. In the wake of a laboratory accident—one that may have sealed man’s fate—those called ‘the Kindred’ were born. Each possessing singular powers, immature but menacing, the siblings share a human father...and alien DNA.
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