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These offspring may lead to man's fall...

Mothered by multiple mothers and fathered by one, 'The Kindred' aren't merely 'half-siblings'. In fact, owing to alien genetics, the children could scarcely share more. Their bond is strong, their powers stunning. The question is: whose side are they on?

Following a narrow escape from Bio Vita Tech, Alp and her sisters seek safe haven, finding an unlikely friend en route. Helicopter commandeered, pilot, and former B.I.U.F.O. operative James Stepp guides the girls to shelter, but no earthly refuge will last for long. Never have fugitives been more valuable, and the government won't rest until every last one has been apprehended...studied and dissected. However, to certain officials, some members' respective 'skills' are prized over others, and personal aims could jeopardize the chance for global peace.

When FDA agent Chunk locates Kindred-brother Mel, a sting operation begins to formulate--one that could bring a dark chapter to close...or spark unparalleled chaos.

When disparate paths are made to cross, a massive crash is likely...

With volume V of the FreeForm Series, O.J. Bradford has done it again. Raising the tension higher still, he leads to a stunning crescendo... Pick up your copy today.

(Previously published asĀ Seeds of a New Power.)
The FreeForm series includes:
  • FreeForm: Crash (a prequel)
  • FreeForm: Beginnings
  • FreeForm: Reborn
  • FreeForm: Resumed
  • FreeForm: New Birth
  • FreeForm: New Power
  • FreeForm: New Earth

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