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FreeForm: New Birth

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Conception could breed destruction...

Flip MacDougal has always spelled trouble, but his tricks are all in good fun, and a few ruffled feathers are no cause for concern. After all, it's not as if the pranks of a playboy could endanger the entire human race...right? When Flip drops in on long-time friend Lionel Adam at his cutting edge genetic research lab, the answer to this question reveals itself with frightening clarity.

Having acquired an otherworldly larva from past colleague Dr. Pritchard, Lionel and his team of scientists had been studying the sample for years, but all of their work was for naught. Thanks to Flip, one fateful spill results in a mess that may never be cleaned up. Making contact with the foreign material is more dangerous than anyone ever expected...and, soon, Flip's genetics begin to morph.

Unfortunately, these changes go unnoticed as the man-about-town proceeds to visit his numerous female companions. These women, collectively known as 'Flip's Harem', will come to share more than a churlish lover. Progenies are pending...and they won't be fully human.

Herein, Part IV of The FreeForm Series, disparate worlds are interwoven. O.J. Bradford proves himself a master of his craft. Grab your copy today.

FreeForm: New Birth was previously published as Seeds of a New Birth.
The FreeForm series includes:
  • FreeForm: Crash (a prequel)
  • FreeForm: Beginnings
  • FreeForm: Reborn
  • FreeForm: Resumed
  • FreeForm: New Birth
  • FreeForm: New Power
  • FreeForm: New Earth

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