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Out of the Darkness (Coffeeshop Coven Prequel)

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Out of the Darkness (Coffeeshop Coven Prequel)

The land remembers...

Built on a cursed patch of land, George Simpson’s house of horrors ruined many lives. Author Steve Corey rents it—oblivious to its history—as a surprise in a desperate attempt to salvage what's left of his marriage.

Samantha Corey thought getting Steve sober in the early days would be the hard part, but she's reached the end of her rope and is ready to file for divorce. It doesn't help that her thoughts have turned to her old love, Matt Barry.

AKA Steve’s best friend, as well as his agent.

As Steve's behavior deteriorates, Sami wonders if her husband’s sick, drinking, or if her own sanity’s in question. The house has a dark agenda and even though Sami’s ready to divorce Steve, she’s not ready to relinquish his soul to the ancient evil enveloping him. Can she and Matt pull him from Out of the Darkness before it’s too late?

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