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Love and Brimstone (Brimstone Vampires 1)

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The heart knows what it knows...and the soul always comes home.

Ice queen Anastazia “Taz” Proctor is skilled attorney, a “fixer.” Hunky billionaire Matthias Hawthorne wants her to be far more than his employee.

Much more. Does she believe him when he reveals they’re vampires? No, but with someone trying to kill her, she has few choices. She also can’t ignore what her body tells her about her handsome boss.

An escape with Matthias to the refuge of Yellowstone leads Taz to unsettling discoveries about her newly awakened powers. Even more disturbing is her unexplainable attraction to Matthias’ rakish cousin, Rafael.

Time grows short as a traitor in their midst closes in and tragedy strikes close to home. Will Taz survive being caught in a vicious showdown between Love and Brimstone?

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