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Guided Meditation - Send the Healing Energy of Love to People and Places in Need (Charitable Donation Requested)

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I have created this meditation at a time when the people of Afghanistan are in crisis. It's not enough to sit and witness the terror, the hatred and the hurt that is engulfing that country, we need to be human beings and do what we excel at: being.

This simple yet powerful meditation is designed to raise your vibration to one of love and then send this vibration out until it reaches the people and places who need to receive it; those people and places currently in crisis. At the moment this is Afghanistan. But tomorrow it could be somewhere else. And, yet, this meditation can and will make a difference, wherever your love is directed.

Furthermore, I have created this meditation as a charitable meditation. All proceeds shall be directed to a charity caring for the needs of the people of Afghanistan. Please donate what you can.

Music courtesy of Moby    Duration: 12.27
You will get a MP3 (11MB) file
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