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This rectangular piece uses two contrasting colors — semi-solids look lovely — and can be made as large as you like, or right up until your yarn runs out!

Transversal is a wrap or scarf (depending on how wide and long you choose to make it) with a striped garter stitch base and a textured, slip-stitch lace pattern traveling diagonally across from one corner to the other side, then along the side, with a nice slip-stitch edging up both sides.

Yarn: approximately 390, 585, 780 yards total sport-DK weight yarn, in two colors. I used Blue Moon Fiber Arts Gaea Sport, colorways Ochroid (yellow, color A, 195, 292, 390 yards) & Mica (brown, color B, 195, 292, 390 yards).

Small, medium, large are 8, 12, 16 inches wide, 48 inches long. Width and length can really be anything you want — Pattern Notes explain width and gauge modifications; work as long as you want, stopping when you like or when yardage is exhausted. Yardage estimates are for the measurements listed. Wrap is shown in large size.

Entire pattern is written and charted. The whole thing is striped between the 2 colors (only 1 yarn used per row).
You will get a PDF (1MB) file
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