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an asymmetrical chevron piece which can be worn in a seemingly endless number of cowl & hooded cowl shapes

  • for any gauge
  • adventurous beginner level
  • great with stripes
  • add extra buttons for more style possibilities
  • can be laced or buttoned into hood shapes

This pattern is for any weight yarn! Shapeshifter is an asymmetrical chevron shaped knit piece which can be worn in a seemingly endless number of cowl and hooded cowl shapes! To make it even more customizable, it’s an any-gauge pattern, which means you choose absolutely any yarn you want, and pick the needles to get the gauge you like, to make a completely unique piece.

The eyelet pattern is designed for maximum versatility — with buttons at each tip, and buttonholes all over, it’s so much fun to play with different positions and shapes! While the Shapeshifter can be complicated to wear, it’s very simple to knit, and is a great pattern for a beginner looking to branch out. The chevron “lace” is just eyelet holes made with easy yarn-overs and decreases, and there is no shaping or anything, just a big, flat piece of fabric.
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