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This is an adventurous mini-collection of hat patterns: one construction concept, three shape/style variations, six stitch pattern options!

Choose between stockinette, garter stitch, lace, cables, slip-stitch, or a knit/purl texture, and pair that with your chosen shape option — tall, short, or asymmetrical.

And then, after the knitting, there are a few options for how to finish it, and your hat can be worn in three different ways!

All versions can be made in any gauge, great for stash busting! No swatching! You’ll size your hat by trying it on around your head (or measuring it) as you knit.

Something fun: if you’re using one yarn throughout (so, not striping) you’ll have zero ends to weave in!

You’ll Need
  • yarn in the weight of your choice; yardage depends on choices — approx 150-300, 120-200, 90-150 yards / 140-275, 110-185, 85-140 meters total in sport, worsted, bulky weight; one solid/semi-solid colorway for some options, or two or more different colors for striped options
  • needles sized to match your yarn, a circular needle 24”/60cm or longer
  • an extra circular needle (any length) the same size or 1-4 sizes smaller
  • an extra needle (any type) the same size or 1-2 sizes larger (or a crochet hook instead)
  • 1-2 stitch markers
  • optional: a button (1-1.5 inches / 2.5-4 cm across)
  • optional: a cable needle
You will get a PDF (8MB) file
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