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long triangle shawl for any gauge, made up of 3 modular triangles

This is part of theĀ Triyang Collection, which includes three other shawl patterns using the same construction, plus customizing instructions for mixing and matching the sections from different patterns with each other!

  • modular construction in 3 parts, no picked up stitches
  • garter stitch with detailed instructions for optional striping
  • use any weight yarn to make a shawl in any size (no gauge swatch needed)
  • cast on 2 stitches / bind off none at all
  • 3 narrow triangles combine to make a long, slightly asymmetrical triangle shape
  • {small, medium, large} sizes are given, plus notes on how to easily get any size you want
  • detailed notes are included on how to use up all your yardage (by weighing yarn)

You'll Need
  • any weight yarn, 1 colorway or multiple for striping, yardage estimates are very vague for sizes small-large: 175-500 yards / 160-460 meters bulky; 250-700 yards / 230-640 meters worsted; 350-950 yards / 320-870 meters sport; 425-1200 yards / 390-1100 meters fingering
  • by using a scale, you can size your piece based on using up whatever yardage you have

At any size, in any weight yarn (no gauge swatch needed!), with or without stripes, Triyang can be made in really different styles with different kinds of yarns/colors.

The versatile garter stitch shawl is made up of three long, narrow triangle sections, worked modularly together to make one large, slightly asymmetrical triangle shape.

Everything is worked with combinations of increases, decreases, and short rows, joining the sections as you go; there are no picked up stitches and no extra finishing steps. Cast on just 2 stitches, bind off none at all!

There are extra customization options if you want your project even more personalized, like making it as a kerchief, adding ties, or adjusting to maximize your yardage.

A technique tutorial is included for German short rows, and detailed notes are given for striping, for using your yardage, and for how the construction works.
You will get a PDF (3MB) file





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