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Soul retrieval ebook + guided meditation

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If you have experienced a trauma or a shock that has changed your life, left scars in you at different levels (physical health, mental, emotional…) and after which you felt that a sparkle of your light has dimmed, then you might have experienced a soul fragmentation… 


Because your self-defense mechanism tried to protect you, the specific aspect of your being that was threatened or shocked during that horrible experience you had went "missing"... to use an image, it's like this aspect of you ran away to hide. It might be "missing" but it is still there, hiding... (I prefer using the term "soul fragmentation" rather than "soul loss" because nothing is lost, the soul fragment is frozen in time and can therefore be collected. )

What is a soul retrieval?

“A soul retrieval is a shamanic practice aiming at collecting and reintegrating missing soul fragment(s). Fragmentation can occur in any situation that was/is emotionally, physically or mentally particularly difficult - any event considered as a trauma, that marked a deep change in ourself, in our life, whether it was a sudden and brutal event or something that lasted for a long time, like a series of events or an abusive relationship that came progressively.” (excerpt from this book)

In this e-book, you will:

  • Learn key notions related to the soul 
  • Learn more about how soul fragmentation occurs, the signs and symptoms, etc.
  • Get instructions for a self-paced soul retrieval
  • Get advice about what to do to take care of yourself during the reintegration phase.
  • Have a guided soul retrieval meditation that you can do as many times as you will feel guided to

I created this meditation to guide you through the steps that you need to take in order for you to collect your soul fragments. The meditation will first put you in a state of relaxation thanks to a shamanic drum sessions that I recorded and then you will be guided to a journey back to yourself.

Soul retrieval generally requires several sessions because we generally have several fragments and one same fragment can also happen to be fragmented.

When you buy this product, you invest once and you get as many uses as you need. 

E-book written in September 2017 - PDF format
Guided meditation updated in May 2021
You will get the following files:
  • PDF (336KB)
  • MP3 (34MB)