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How positive affirmations can support your healing process

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Positive affirmations are a powerful too that can help tremendously if you know how to use them to support your healing and manifestation process.

Positive affirmations alone can't heal your wounds, however these tools can help you on your healing journey. Affirmations can also help you to raise your vibration, reprogram your thought patterns and also manifest with the law of attraction if they are used in a certain way that I am of course explaining in this e-book. 

In order to understand all of this, it is best to start from the beginning - if I may say so. This e-book is therefore going to give information about wounds and the different levels of wounds, about the role of our subconscious mind, how we can become aware and develop mindfulness. We will then talk about how to use positive affirmations to heal on our personal development journey. I will also be sharing a few words and thoughts about the law of attraction and give a concrete example. The last chapter will provide you with personal development exercices that can help you on your path.

As a bonus at the very end, you will find more than 110 positive affirmations that you can use and get inspiration from according to your needs. 

I hope you have a nice time reading this e-book.


February 2019 - Updated in January 2021

You will get a PDF (354KB) file