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55 thoughts & tips to support you on your personal development path

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This e-book is the result of my desire to share thoughts, experiences and reflexions in order to support you on your journey and provide some motivational and inspirational energies - at least that is my wish!


In life, we sometimes need to feel supported, to reflect upon some things and have a new approach, to know ourselves a bit better, we can even need to be reassured and to have a self-confidence boost. These words that I am sharing aim at uplifting you and offering material and food for thoughts for your journey.


These 55 thoughts and advice relate to the field of my activities as an energy healer/shaman and personal development coach, namely daily life, emotional healing, self-acceptance, relationship with self and others, spirituality... I am sharing my holistic approach of the human being, that is to say that I consider all the aspects that make us human because we are one with ourselves, we all are whole beings on our path of self-mastery.

You will get a PDF (175KB) file