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Understanding your extrasensory perceptions

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Are you expericencing things that are said to be "paranormal"?

Maybe you don't dare talk about these things and you'd like to gain deeper understanding of those new senses that are developing within you?


I got you! I wrote this e-book in order to help some of you who might be experiencing things that are considered “strange” or “irrational” and many can happen to be afraid of these things. 

As a medicine woman, energy healer and channeler, my goal is to help you see and understand what might be happening to you, to reassure you and to help you develop these abilities. This book is based on my own experiences throughout my personal and professional life.

See this book as an informative guide explaining about extrasensory perceptions, also called ESP for short. This perception of information is called “extrasensory” because it takes place through other senses than the physical senses (like touch, sight, hearing, smelling, tasting, etc.)

The 1st chapter is dedicated to the ESP, we go through them one by one.

The 2nd chapter contains general information and advice.

You will get a PDF (208KB) file