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Extracting negative energies and ending karmic contracts - Healing Method (includes an audio file)

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This method is very efficient and complete, it enables you to free your soul and your whole being from anything that keeps you stuck and/or from any blockages that you may have in moving forward and manifesting your reality. 

This method includes everything that you are aware of but also anything that is contained in your subconscious and enables you to end: 
  • soul contracts that don’t serve your highest good (anymore) or that harm you, 
  • karmic ties with people, items, places, circumstances, etc. from the past 
  • implants (artificial intelligence and false programming)
  • false twin flames
  • entities that are attached to you / your energy field
  • vows, obligations, contracts, curses, etc. that come from past lives and that are still having an impact in your current incarnation, creating blockages, obstacles, etc.
You will be able to:
  • clear recurring patterns, including family patterns coming from your ancestors
  • cleanse your chakras and energy field by removing blocks and stagnant energy
  • fix, reinforce and re-balance your aura
  • increase your vibration
  • learn a visualization technique that you will be able to use easily in your daily life.

It is extracted from a bigger e-book entitled "Free your soul - How to cut cords, remove implants and restore the sovereignty of your being" but here it's only the healing method for those who don't want all the information contained in the full version.

What you get when you buy this product:
- the original PDF file
- the audio version as a guided meditation
- a PDF with recommendations for the guided meditation

Created in 2017
Latest Update: April 2022
You will get the following files:
  • PDF (141KB)
  • M4A (20MB)
  • PDF (90KB)