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Inspiring text to reconnect with yourself

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This e-book is a compilation of texts, advice and thoughts that aim at encouraging, inspiring and helping you reconnect with yourself. I have been writing these texts over the past months or even years and I have updated and gathered them by themes to create this book to share my experiences, thoughts and inspirations of the moment to support you.


  • What do I mean by “reconnecting with yourself”?

Well, it is simple, to me this expression means to become our own friend, to see ourselves for the worthy person that we are, to not blame ourselves or reproach ourselves with things that happened in the past, to be at peace with ourselves, to learn to accept and love ourselves as we are and to give ourselves the space to grow from our experiences, to see what we consider as shameful, bad, etc. within us as the result of wounds that we have experienced and to develop compassion for ourselves in order to heal and accept ourselves for the whole being that we are.


How to do that? This e-book is going to help you, it is like a tool box from which you can pick what you need on your path.


Enjoy the food for thoughts! :-)

You will get a PDF (354KB) file