Better Birth & Baby - Supporting you to have the birth you want

Hi I am Debbie Willis (aka Bettter Birth & Baby!) and I am really passionate about supporting you to have the birth you want. Where both you and your birth partner feel prepared, listened to, and in control. 

The labour and birth techniques you will learn in my classes are bespoke. They include hypnobirthing and mindfulness techniques to help reduce the likelihood of interventions, to reduce pain that you may be feeling and to enable you to have a positive experience, helping you to feel in control and making decisions that are right for you and your baby.

I am a birth coach, antenatal educator and hypnobirthing practitioner, having supported hundreds of folks during pregnancy over the past 10 years, and I just love receiving the beautiful and positive birth stories back from my clients no matter what type of birth they were planning or happened on the day.

If you would like to find out how I can support you - book in a free 20 minute call with me via my website and let's chat about your pregnancy and your baby's birth.