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Welcome to my world of magic, myths, and mystery!

I write urban fantasy books that are packed with myths and legends, magic, witchcraft, great characters, and plenty of action. You can buy ebooks, signed paperbacks, and audiobooks here, and merch is coming soon. I'm also working on hardback collections, so keep checking in! Subscribe to my newsletter to get free short stories, character sheets, access to giveaways, and news about my latest releases here:

Featured Collection List

White Haven Witches - Paranormal Witch Mysteries

Signed Paperbacks


Buried Magic: White Haven Witches #1


Magic Unbound: White Haven Witches #2


Magic Unleashed: White Haven Witches #3


All Hallows' Magic: White Haven Witches #4


Undying Magic: White Haven Witches #5


Crossroads Magic: White Haven Witches #6


Call of the King: Rise of the King #1


The Silver Tower: Rise of the King #2


The Cursed Sword: Rise of the King #3


Spirit of the Fallen: White Haven Hunters #1


White Haven Witches: Books 1 - 3

On Sale

White Haven Winter: White Haven Witches Books 4 - 6


Buried Magic Audio: White Haven Witches #1


Magic Unbound Audio: White Haven Witches #2


Crown of Magic: White Haven Witches #7


Rise of the King: Books 1 - 3


What readers say about my series:

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“The best Witchy tales that I have read for a long time.”

“Buried Magic is a fantastic start to a brilliantly well written series of books.”

“Fast moving, lovely characters and the author is very knowledgeable about magic. Loved it.”

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“TJ Green has done it again!! This series is the best of its genre, and I already can't wait for the next one. The world, the characters, the stories and how TJ has woven all the myths and legends into them are absolutely awesome and brilliantly written. I love everything about the White Haven Witches!!!!”

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TJ Green is so creative and has taken a whole new approach to a genre where everyone else is writing stories based on the same plot lines. How refreshing to find a writer who takes a new approach and does it well. If you are a fan of Amanda M Lee, Lily Harper Hart, Victoria Laurie, Terri Reid, or Michelle M Pillow, you will also like TJ Green. Enjoy!”


About Me

I was born in England, in the Black Country, but moved to New Zealand in 2006. I lived near Wellington with my partner Jase, and my cats Sacha and Leia. However, in April 2022 we moved again! Yes, I like making my life complicated… I’m now living in the Algarve in Portugal, and loving the fabulous weather and people. When I’m not busy writing I read lots, indulge in gardening and shopping, and I love yoga.

Confession time! I’m a Star Trek geek – old and new – and love urban fantasy and detective shows. Secret passion – Columbo! Favourite Star Trek film is the Wrath of Khan, the original! Other top films – Predator, the original, and Aliens.

In a previous life I was a singer in a band, and used to do some acting with a theatre company.

For more on me, check out a couple of my blog posts. I’m an old grunge queen, so you can read about my love of that and other things on my website -

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