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Check In Chart for Chronic Illness + Symptom Tracking for Chronic Illness eBook

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Take control of your health by tracking the patterns with your Check In Chart with BONUS eBook to help you in your symptom tracking journey.

I experience chronic pain and fatigue conditions and I have used symptom trackers to support my journey to better wellness. It's so vital to know what works and what makes things worse. This tracker is designed to be easy and visual to help you track your symptoms. 

You will get an easy to use downloadable PDF in which you can choose the biggest size (one to a page), two to a page or four to a page. Use the daily check in chart for simple, regular updates. And the My Health Summary Worksheet for more comprehensive check ins. Includes instructions for printing.

You also get a bonus eBook outlining how, why and what to track with ideas for self-care and pain management ideas. I want to make sure you get the most of your new symptom tracker.

Let's make this easy - simply plot your pain and fatigue level on the chart (average of the day), sleep quantity and quality, write any notes and you're good to get on with the rest of your day. Symptom tracking is important but shouldn't be onerous. 

All of my PDFs are created so that you can print directly onto A4 using the "fit" paper option for full size or onto A5 by selecting that paper size and slipping it into your planner. You can also grey scale it if you prefer to save ink.

This is an instant download, as soon as you pay you can immediately. Colours may vary slightly due to lighting, different computer monitors and printers.

Copyright © 2023 by Melissa Reynolds - Print these as many times as you like for personal use only.


Why did I make this?

I'm Melissa and I have been fighting chronic pain, chronic fatigue and insomnia for over a decade. I have been actively researching and experimenting on myself for the past several years. This is the template that I created for myself to track my health - I believe that we have the potential to impact our health dramatically and it starts with tracking it. Following the patterns and discerning what works and doesn't work FOR US. Because we are all unique and your doctor can't do all the work because they don't know your experience. This will help you when speaking to your doctor - you don't need to rely on a fogged brain to remember! 

This template could easily be used for any number of illnesses for which chronic pain and fatigue are key issues. Keep track of your patterns and take it to the doctor for a visual scale of how you have been doing!

Read all about how and why you should track your symptoms with chronic illness, including handy list of self-care ideas and symptom management options in the included eBook.

It's my mission to help you fight Fibromyalgia with everything I have learnt over the past several years so that you don't have to lose as much time as I did to the pain and fatigue.

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You will get the following files:
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