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Governor (Governor Trilogy 1)

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Governor (Governor Trilogy 1)

MEET THE GOVERNOR: He kneels for only ONE man.

I kneel for only one man—Carter Wilson, my best friend, chief of staff, and bastard extraordinaire.

It's a price I willingly pay to be owned by Her.

His wife.

Who is also, as of when we were sworn in this morning, my lieutenant governor.

I am Owen Taylor, governor of the great state of Florida.

Book 1 of the Governor Trilogy, and the book that kicks off the entire "world" that this and other trilogies are set in. This MMF contemporary political romance features friends to lovers, GFY, a secret workplace romance with high political stakes, power exchange, wounded heroes, a cinnamon roll hero, an Alpha hero who will kill to protect his loved ones, and a guaranteed HEA.

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