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PRE-ORDER - A Bleacke Outlook (Bleacke Shifters 9)[ebook]

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(This is a PRE-ORDER for the ebook version. The files are pre-order placeholders. Expected Release Date: Dec. 22, 2023. Once the file is released here, it will then be uploaded to the usual retail sites for sale.)

Note: This blurb is subject to change before final release.

Dewi’s got her paws full with new packmates, a new baby…

And a whoooole bunch of new problems.

Including juggling deadly adversaries who strike too close for comfort. And if they’re all going to make it through to the other side with their fur intact, Dewi will have to dig deep, including making sacrifices for the greater good of the pack.

Such as her peace of mind. And maybe even a few of her principles.

This paranormal romance series French kisses the edges of a rom-com urban fantasy, and features wolf shifters, a cinnamon roll geek vegetarian hero, a snarky and devoted Prime Alpha shifter heroine, and a supporting cast of family and packmates that will stand together. Easy peasy.

You can find more information on the Bleacke Shifters series page on my website: CLICK HERE

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