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a modular, rounded shawl with lace patterning all over, or just around the edges and in the triangle wedges

This pattern is part of the Betiko Collection, where it's joined by three other customizable shawls with the same construction.

  • choose either fully patterned shawl, or simple variation in mostly stockinette stitch
  • modular construction in 4 parts, no seaming or picked up stitches
  • fully patterned shawl is in worsted-ish weight for a chunky, squishy lace
  • it can also be made in lighter weight, loosely knit for an open lace
  • full pattern is in a standard size, with notes for adjusting size
  • simple variation is for any weight yarn, in small{medium, large}, notes for custom sizing
  • there are 2 edging options — a thinner edge and a wider edge
  • all lace patterns are written and charted

You'll Need
  • for fully patterned version: approx 700 yards / 640 meters total DK-worsted weight yarn, for the standard size, with the thin edging (or less/more for smaller/larger sizes as you want; for wide edging, approx 70 yards / 65 meters more)
  • for fully patterned version: size US 7 / 4.5mm long circular needle (60" is ideal, but 32" or longer will work), or size to get gauge of 4.5 sts per inch / 2.5 cm, in stockinette stitch
  • for simple variation: enough yarn in any weight, either all the same color, or mostly in one main color, plus approx 1 skein worth in contrasting edge color yarn (total yardage estimates — for bulky approx 300{400, 500} yards / 275{365, 455} meters; for worsted approx 360{460, 560} yards / 330{420, 510} meters; for sport approx 400{520, 640} yards / 365{475, 585} meters; for fingering approx 450{580, 710} yards / 410{530, 650} meters)
  • for simple variation: needles sized to match yarn — a long circular (60" is ideal, 32" or longer will work)

This pattern includes 2 versions — the fully patterned shawl, in worsted-ish weight yarn (the DK yarn used in the sample appears/acts more like a worsted weight), and a simple variation with lace patterns only around the edges and in the wedges, stockinette stitch filling the body, which is for any weight yarn and custom sizable.

The pattern includes how-tos for the provisional cast-on and short rows, process photos and diagrams, and detailed notes on sizing, the construction, the charts, etc. All this makes for a lengthy pdf; the written pattern is on 4 photo-less pages, the charts are on 3 pages, with the large charts written out on another 4 pages at the end (for optional use).

All the stitch patterns are charted and written, though the large lace panels for the fully patterned version are much easier to work using the charts — each of the 4 sections has all charts needed on a single page, so you don’t need to flip between pages while knitting.

The fully patterned version is an advanced level pattern; the simple variation is more intermediate. For either project, reading your knitting is important and watching what you’re doing, to understand what’s happening as you go, will help the project go by smoothly.

For DK-worsted weight fully patterned version: approx 4.5 sts per inch / 2.5 cm, in stockinette.
Or, for a more delicate, lacy kind of shawl, instead of the thick, squishy fabric made by the worsted weight, use a yarn more around sport weight, with similarly sized needles for the approx same gauge, which will give you a loosely knit, open lace fabric.

For simple variation, use any weight yarn for any gauge. Use needles larger than the recommended size to get a loose, drapey fabric for your shawl, like the sample. There is no need to make a gauge swatch or measure your gauge at all for this version.

The fully patterned and simple versions of the shawl can differ in sizing/shape, as the simple version is much more customizable. There is a standard size for the fully patterned version (a large size), while there are small{medium, large} sizes for the simple variation.

The simple variation sizes given make for a more narrow shape than the fully patterned version, longer width with a shorter height, but the size and shape can be customized as you like.

For the fully patterned version, there is a standard size (the size of the sample), which is a large size; you may adjust to make yours smaller or larger if you want to.

Standard fully patterned measurements are approx:
66 inches / 166 cm wide (with top edge measured held in a straight line)
16 inches / 41 cm high (in center)

You will get a PDF (4MB) file



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