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Battlegames Issue 2

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  • Game day protocols. Bill Protz has 30 suggestions for more satisfying wargames.
  • Asquith's Way. Stuart offers help for the compulsive figure buyer.
  • Campaign in a day. Dan Mersey presents a complete system for providing a series of linked games.
  • Sharpe's pride and prejudice. Gary Mitchell, now well-known as a columnist in Miniature Wargames, brings us some free, fun, Napoleonic skirmish rules and scenario.
  • First in world wargaming. Barry Hilton investigates the reasons why WWII gaming is so popular.
  • Table Top Teaser: Continuing the classic series of scenarios, Charles S Grant offers "The bridge at Kronstadt".
  • Larry Leadhead. The amusing wargame cartoon from Eric Hotz and Douglas Hamm.
  • A project too far: part 1. Phil Olley offers sage advice to anyone embarking on a new wargames project.
  • Wargaming difficult historical battles: Teutoburg Forest. Canadian gamer Bob Barnetson describes how you can make worthwhile games from apparently hopeless situations.
  • The Wars of the Faltenian Succession. I continue my own series with a consideration of campaign movement and weather.
  • The long road to Haddington. Ross Macfarlane describes the creation of a Renaissance participation game that won him 'best of show' at Cold Wars.
  • Liebenau 1757: the game. Having set the scene in issue 1, Jim Purky provides a lively report of how the battle played out.
  • To boldly go. Guy Hancock examines Rackham's interesting Rag 'Narok game in detail.
  • Forward Observer. Thought-provoking columnist Mike Siggins ponders the world of wargaming.
  • Recce. Our experienced review team examine the latest products and services.
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