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Dead Moon Rising

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Dead Moon Rising

What happens in the dark of the moon...

Sarah’s moving from Seattle to Miami when a cranky alternator and a terrifying brush with a serial killer leave her stranded in the middle of the dark and desolate South Dakota plains. Captain Plato Delaney of the South Dakota Highway Patrol is on the killer’s trail, and now Sarah is his only living witness. With limited funds and nowhere else to go, Sarah accepts Del’s invitation to stay with him and his partner, John Riley, himself a retired trooper.

Except it’s not long before the killer is on Sarah’s trail…and she’s sharing Del and John’s bed. Now the men must protect Sarah from a sadistic killer who stays one step ahead of the law.

But Sarah’s spooky flashes of intuition prove to be far more than stunning coincidences. Will her otherworldly insight regarding a decades-old murder provide the key in time to save them all from another Dead Moon Rising?

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