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Pain as large as the mountains…and a heart just as hard.

Gwen is a successful writer with a cheating ex, a paranoid best friend, rabidly overprotective ultra-religious parents, and a brother battling chronic health issues. She also has stratospheric stress levels…which sometimes manifest as a hair-trigger temper at the worst possible times. Forced to overcome her terror of flying to search for her missing sister in Rapid City, Gwen doesn’t expect to encounter her flirty internet buddy, Tim. Even better, Tim’s boyfriend, Jack, is a police detective. The two hunks invite Gwen and her brother to stay with them during their search.

Jack earned his “Stoneface” nickname after unbearable personal tragedy hardened his heart. He loves Tim, but Gwen’s striking resemblance to a lost love stirs up agonizing memories for Jack, and he can’t tell if his feelings for her are real or wishful thinking. But he absolutely doesn’t want Tim’s heart broken by the feisty writer in case the two of them mean nothing more to her than sexy research for her books.

Unfortunately, finding Gwen’s sister leads to unexpected complications. Betrayals, broken hearts, and an explosive showdown make Gwen question not only her priorities, but her entire life. Does she dare risk her heart again trying to chip through Jack’s rocky façade?

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