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My Fibromyalgia Rescue Tools Kit

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This is your rescue toolkit - a list of tools you can use for your symptoms daily. 

We improve our symptoms by knowing what helps us and doing it. 

Research shows that self-efficacy - knowing we can help ourselves - leads to better outcomes (less symptoms). 

Take advantage of my worksheets to help you plan. 

  • Make your daily plan 
  • Choose to target pain, fatigue and anxiety or use a combined list
  • Then make your rescue plan - for when things are escalating (flare)
This is a five page instantly downloadable and printable PDF with the worksheets you need to make your plan. Plus key resources curated to help you MAKE your plans. Because lovely worksheets do nothing when they sit empty. And filled in worksheets do nothing unless you USE what you wrote in. 

So purchase. Download. Fill in and use these sheets in your daily symptom management today. 

If you want more guidance in making your sypmtom management plans you may prefer the Make Your Symptom Toolkit Today Micro Course available here.

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