Inspirational 12 - human dimension

by john hopper

INSPIRATIONAL 12 - human dimension - The 24 artists that will be featured in the new Inspirational issue will be in order of appearance: Adam Collier Noel, Alex Garant, Austin Boe, BJ Broekhuizen, Collin McAdoo, David Delruelle, Denholm Berry, George Kanis, Giulio Musardo, Giuseppe Velardo, Joshua Jenkins, Juana Gomez, Karen Rips & Paula Chung, Macsime Simon, Mark Horst, Meghan Willis, Milena Zevu, Raija Jokinen, Rebeka Elizegi, Rene Capone, Robert Flynt, Stiofan O'Ceallaigh, Yoon Jiseon

I just need to say something about nudity and inspirational 12. Yes there is and will be naked men and women within the graceful covers of the new issue, and anyone who wants to complain about that I would just say two things, 1: you need some comprehensive therapy and 2: you need a serious course in art history, both of which are probably available somewhere near you. 

Inspirational 12 comes in at 243 pages, with 189 full page illustrations.

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