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Ask DNA (Suncoast Society 42)

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Ask DNA (Suncoast Society 42)

Her Luck's About to Change... Or Is It?

After nothing but bad luck in love, Melanie’s ready to give up trying to find someone and puts herself in her friends’ hands. When she attends a shibari class with them at Venture, it seems her luck’s changed when she meets Kirby and his fraternal twin brother, Davis.

Kirby and Davis are immediately smitten. While fully independent, Davis falls on the high-functioning end of the autism spectrum, and Kirby realizes Melanie seems to get his brother in a way few people ever have. Davis knows he’s not the easiest person to live with, but Melanie soothes his mind like no one else. He’s willing to do anything to make this work.

Melanie can’t believe her luck. But when a jealous ex and a deeply buried family secret both explode at the same time, will they jeopardize the happiness that finally seems within the trio’s grasp?

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