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My Goals Planner Kit

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Making goals when living with a chronic illness can be a daunting task. This goals planner kit takes you through the journey in an easily accessible manner.

My Passion Worksheet – go through what you love, how you would structure your day, how you can improve energy levels and thinking about goals to work towards.

My Movement Plan – helps you to make movement goals: things to do daily and steps to work toward bigger physical goals.

Goal Worksheet – helps you work through the goal, the mini tasks needed to achieve it, and decide what you need in order to achieve the goal.

My Yearly Goals Sheet – takes you through the goals you would like to set for the year, things you’d like to learn and what you’d like to accomplish with your health.

Year End Review Sheet – takes you through your five best things, 5 things you learnt, 5 things that didn’t go so well and a health summary.

My Life Goals List – here you can dream big and write up what you would like to accomplish in your life (because chronic illness doesn’t take these away from you – even if you have to alter them.)

This 9-page, instantly downloadable PDF is just what you need to help you “have fibro (or other chronic illness), do it anyway”.

You may print this out in A4 or A5 using the “fit” option on your printer. Colour may vary due to differing printers and screens.

This is an instant download, there will be no physical product – this means you can download it and get started immediately!

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