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mind the gap [Chamber Orchestra, 2018/21]

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Chamber Orchestra
[1.0.1(=BCl).1(=CBsn)  - -  1perc. -  hp  -  Strings]
2018 / 21

About this work

The impetus for 'mind the gap' started from a series of field recordings I took around the London underground system in January 2017 whilst travelling back and forth for residencies in the city. I had been interested for a while in recreating more electronic, mechanical sounds with live instruments, rather than utilising live or taped electronics in my work.  ‘mind the gap’ is an energetic and noisy piece, exploring two simple themes within the music; that of the rapidly ascending scale, and the contrasting quiet mechanical ‘hum’ of the Underground trains.

The work was commissioned by UPROAR ensemble, and premiered by UPROAR on 26 October 2021 at Chapter Arts Centre,Cardiff, UK.

This listing is for a PDF download of the Full Score only.  Please use the contact box if you'd like to order a printed and bound Score and / or wish to enquire about hire of Orchestral Parts.
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