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In issue 14 of Battlegames, Dan Mersey wrote a piece set in the Sudan, with a unit of British holding off hordes of natives. In the best traditions of wargaming, I stole his idea and translated it to the Zulu Wars, and this FREE six-page download is my rendition of the idea. It includes a set of rules suitable for many colonial settings and a nail-biting scenario to test your skills against an 'automated' opponent.

As I know from running the game at shows, it works well with as many as four or five participants sharing the command of the British, plus a wily and cunning gamesmaster! It's great for an evening's fun play at a club, or even with family or friends who aren't normally wargamers.

So, just add this to your shopping cart  or "Buy Now" as normal at the special price of ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, go to the checkout and within a few seconds, you can be having fun with a retreating rump of the 24th Foot, holding off 'fahsens' of Zulus hot on your heels after the defeat at Isandlwhana.


P.S. If you like it a lot, you can always make a small donation to the Battlegames Combat Stress Appeal at

P.P.S. There's no preview availabe for this as the entire thing is only half a dozen pages - and did I mention that it's FREE?

You will get a PDF (2MB) file

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