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Abs @ Payhip

New Feature: Bundles

We’re excited to announce the release of a great new feature – product bundles!

This is perfect for packaging your digital and/or course products together and providing more value to your customers. For example you might have 3 individual digital/course products that each cost $49 – with bundles you can offer these products together for say $119 as a special offer to your customers.

Bundles are super flexible, you can include digital products, or courses, or both – it’s completely up to you.

A really smart way to make use of bundles is to create an all-access membership. Let’s take the example where your store has 50 products which are usually sold individually. You can create a bundle which includes all your store products. Next you can setup subscription pricing (like $29 per month) or a payment plan (like $49 for 6 months). This means that you can get recurring revenue from your buyers in exchange for access to all your products. Of course you can also choose a flat fee with one-off pricing (like $499 for all products).

To get started with bundles please login to your account, visit your Products page, click on the Add new product button and finally choose the new Bundle option.

For a detailed explanation of bundles you can read this article.

Bundles are a versatile product type, we’re looking forward to seeing how you use them!


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