New Features

This is a reminder that the new features and pricing change will take effect at 9pm (GMT) on Thursday 30th of May 2013.

We received tremendous feedback and support on the proposed changes and we are really excited for the release on Thursday.

We’re thrilled so many authors are using Payhip and we can’t wait for you to try out the new features! Just to remind you, here are some of the features we will be introducing:

Tweet or Like for Discounts: Give your readers an incentive to spread the word by letting them tweet or like your ebooks to get discounts.

Protect Your eBooks: To prevent your ebook being pirated, we can stamp the buyer’s name and email on the top left of each PDF page of the ebook before they download it.

Pay-what-you-want pricing: Let your customers choose which price to pay for your ebook. Just set a minimum price starting from $0+ and empower your customers.

Google Analytics Integration: Measure sales, conversions and get fresh insights into how visitors use your page, how they’ve arrived there and how you can keep them coming back.

Offer Discount Coupons: Promote your ebook by offering coupon codes that provide discounts for customers off the full price.

Brand your ebook page: Customize the look of your ebook page using custom CSS.

We hope you’re all excited for the big Payhip update!

  • John Carrasco

    Pay-what-you-want pricing

  • Sin Nombre

    New features sound great! I do wish it were possible to take down pdf previews when you switchout or take down a book. They seem to hang around the Internet and are available to anyone through a search engine. It takes some time and a couple of requests for Payhip to take them down themselves. But it’s a great service!

  • Andrei

    Great features, keep it up!

  • kitabecks

    YIPPEEEEE!!!! I’ve been waiting so long (or seems like it anyways :P) for someof these changes. Awesome and keep it up.

  • Albert

    Muchas gracias equipo Payhip!

  • Lovelli Ariesti Fuad

    Don’t go anywhere.