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Colour Breathing - Yellow

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Colour breathing is a simple technique that can be used to reduce stress, manage anxiety, improve oxygen intake and much more.

Most of us live shrouded in stress and anxiety. Whether it comes from fears and worries about what’s waiting just around the corner in our life deadlines and stresses associated with our jobs, concerns about our financial situation, the state of our health, or even relationships, stress and anxiety never seem to be too far away in life.

And, as a result, our breathing tends to be shallower than it should be and not as revitalising as it could be.

When you breathe using colour, you breathe in and incorporate the mood and emotions emanated by that specific colour.

In this exercise I invite you to breathe with the colour yellow.

Yellow – the colour of the bright shining sun on a warm summer’s day, of beautiful vivid daffodils waving to and fro in the breeze, heralding the arrival of Spring, the colour of brick road which led Dorothy and her companions on their adventure to find the wonderful Wizard of Oz…

When you look for words to describe the colour yellow, words such as optimism, happiness, positivity, playfulness, childlikeness, warmth, joy, cheerfulness, light-heartedness, vibrancy, and leaving us feeling uplifted may spring to mind.

Yellow can have a powerful and instant impact on our emotions so is a particularly good colour to breathe with if you’re feeling sad or low, tired or depleted, feeling negative or experiencing a low self-esteem, lacking in confidence or feeling sensitive to criticism… among other things.

However, please do not partake in this exercise if you are struggling with insomnia or experiencing hyperactivity.

Some further words to share with you about this exercise before you begin:

  • For reasons what should become apparent after the exercise, do not try this exercise before you go to bed. This exercise is preferable to do in the morning.

  • Although this exercise doesn’t take long, ensure that you won’t be disturbed by anything (people, pets, phones ringing, computer beeping) during the exercise

  • The first part of this exercise where we imagine something to feel a specific emotion, I’ve purely added on so you can experience how powerful colour breathing can be. Should you choose to repeat this colour breathing exercise again or choose to colour breathe with your focus on a different colour, there’s no need to repeat this first part, simply relax and go direct into the colour breathing.

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Music courtesy of Moby   Duration: 10:13

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